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Be digitally ready with Digital Skills for Life

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Digital Skills for Life (DSL) is a nationwide effort in support of the Digital for Life movement. A framework with a set of five basic digital competencies, it aims to equip all Singaporeans with essential digital knowledge and skills to conduct daily online tasks, navigate the digital space, and safeguard oneself against online risks.

To support you in your digital skills learning journey, we have put together an extensive collection of learning resources ranging from videos, guidebooks to articles in this portal which you can access for free. These resources are largely contributed by corporate and community partners, in alignment with the Digital for Life movement, in building a digitally inclusive society for Singapore. 

The resources are grouped according to the five basic digital competencies for your ease of learning:  

  1. Set up and use smart devices - set up and operate basic hardware and software of mobile devices
  2. Explore information online - search, view and retrieve information online
  3. Communicate online - connect with others online
  4. Transact online - carry out online transactions, including e-payment, with both government agencies and other goods and services providers
  5. Be safe, smart and kind online - safeguard against cyber threats, protect personal information and develop a positive online presence

In-person coaching and workshops are also available for free at SG Digital Community Hubs and roving counters, located island wide.

If you wish to contribute to our library of learning resources or are keen to speak to us on how you can use our resources to equip Singaporeans with these basic digital skills we welcome you to contact us at

Digital Skills for Life

Discover the list of DSL resources from the five digital competencies.