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Digital for Life Fund Projects

(Individuals and Organisations, including Non-Profit Organisations)

Digital Futures

Digital Futures: Innovative Lifestyle through AI enabled AR and Digital Skill Development

The Digital Futures project aims to help adults develop skills in digital art creation using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Augmented Reality (AR) tools and other digital technologies. Workshops cover key topics such as an introduction to AI and AR, their applications in various fields and industries, everyday use, and AR content creation (including 3D modelling, animation, and interaction design).

Participants are introduced to the latest digital art tools and techniques, with emphasis on the use of AI and other emerging technologies within the creative arts industry. Each participant has the opportunity to develop their own AR project using a beginner-friendly AR development tool, fostering hands-on learning and creative exploration.

The project works with community clubs and organisations such as Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) and Yellow Ribbon to promote the workshops to potential participants.

The Lab Cyber Smart

The Lab Cyber Smart: A Cyber Awareness Event

The Lab empowers students with essential programming skills and promotes online safety and security through a series of online workshops and a physical showcase during their Cyber Smart Event. Participants are exposed to the Tynker platform for interactive games and animation creation with drag-and-drop code blocks, thus fostering a deeper understanding of programming.

The workshops also emphasise the significance of online safety and security, inspiring students to champion cyber awareness through innovative projects. F Finalists identified through an online selection process will then showcase their projects at the Cyber Smart event, covering topics such as cyberbullying, identity theft, malware, social engineering, password security, and online privacy.

Capturing Memories Digital Photography for Seniors

Capturing Memories: Digital Photography for Seniors

Jia Ying Community Services Society (JYCSS) enriches the well-being, creativity, and social engagement of seniors through a series of digital photography workshops led by professional photographers. The workshops cover various aspects of mobile photography and include outdoor photo sessions at iconic locations such as Little India, Esplanade, Chinatown, MacRitchie, and the Botanic Gardens.

A public exhibition will also be organised to showcase the seniors' photographs, allowing them to share their stories and experiences with the wider community.

Digital Design and Make

Digital Design and Make (2DM)

Leveraging the current digital design advancements, the Digital Design and Make (2DM) project aims to bridge the gap between product creativity and physical realisation for children and youths by integrating digital design processes (3D modelling and 3D scanning) with modern manufacturing technologies (3D printing).

2DM consists of 3-hour workshops that provide the foundation for digital designing at a young age and nurture a lifelong interest in learning digital skills. Apart from reaching out to MOE schools (i.e., primary, secondary schools and junior colleges) to attract participants, Dr Lim Kheng Kiong will work with community partners such as Providence Care to engage children and youths from low-income families.

teacher student interaction learning online1

Boys Empowered with Cyber Skills

This project aims to create a new generation of boys (aged 12 to 25 years old) who can influence the community towards the alleviation of gender-based violence, both online and offline.

To achieve these goals, the project combines education through a speaker series and group workshops. Since much of the social interactions take place online between young peers and their extended family and social circles, the project focuses on instilling healthy online habits resting on healthy attitudes, as well as how to use social media safely and wisely.

OSF Funded Project: Huawei Tech4City Competition, featuring 2023 Finals

Huawei Tech4City Competition 2023

Huawei's Tech4City Competition 2023 took innovation to a whole new level, beckoning youths to imagine a sustainable, liveable and inclusive Singapore of tomorrow.

Focusing on pivotal themes like Well-being, Learning, Energy, Mobility, and Finance, it offered a platform for budding visionaries to bring digital solutions to life. The prize? A handsome $15,000, a golden ticket to Huawei's diverse youth and start-up programme, and an internship with Huawei.

Launched in late March 2023, the journey included enlightening dialogue sessions with industry experts and the final pitch day was hosted in September 2023 where the Top 8 teams showcased their tech-centric visions.

Huawei also partnered with distinguished institutes and industry leaders to champion this as a long-term initiative to empower Singaporeans. Supporting the Digital for Life movement, this initiative encouraged youths to ideate and learn about how digital technology can enrich our daily lives.

Get Flamed Logo

Project Get Flamed!

Project Get Flamed! inspired a positive gaming community by creating awareness amongst youths about toxic gaming culture, its ripple effects and negativity.

Youths from selected Secondary Schools, Self-Help Groups and Social Service Agencies were involved in a transformative two-part programme, "Gaming Conversation Series" and "Virtual Adventure". In the former segment, they heard first-hand accounts of toxic gaming encounters through a reality talk show format. In “Virtual Adventure”, participants were engaged in a choice-based game to recognise the impact and ripple effects of their decisions.

Examples of positive gaming were also shared on Instagram to encourage youths to be agents of change in building positive gaming communities.

Explore their project page or join the conversation on Instagram!

A group of young boys cheering for their teammate at the Zenitant's annual 3D-Tronics Competition, a OSF Funded Project

3D-Tronics Competition

In today's rapidly evolving digital era, it is important that every Singaporean, especially our young, is equipped with digital skills to navigate the evolving landscape.

Zenitant provides opportunities for children to learn digital skills and apply them to solve problems they face in their community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zenitant organised a 3D-Tronics Competition in 2022 with the following theme: “Making use of Technology to Build Resilience in a Covid Endemic Singapore”. Children were invited to attend a workshop that covered coding, digital making, and computational thinking. Thereafter, they were encouraged to apply their creativity and workshop learnings to the microcontroller kit provided, to create their group’s entry to a competition. Through this process, participants were transformed from mere consumers of technology to creators.

In tandem, Zenitant bolstered this vision and emphasised the importance of digital well-being and building a digitally proficient and inclusive Singapore for all.

Find out more about selected competition entries on YouTube!

OSF Funded Project: Project D.I.P. team and students with laptops in a classroom under IMDA’s NEU PC Plus Programme

Project Digital Inclusion Programme

Project D.I.P. bridged the digital divide for primary school students from the lower-income communities. They taught them how to use a laptop, navigate files, adjust settings and use common accessories (such as a mouse, usb drives, etc.) In addition, digital literacy skills on internet usage and good cyber-hygiene habits were included.

OSF Funded Project: Robotic cars in action at the OneArena event in 2021


OneArena was a multi-day event by Nanyang Technological University's College of Engineering, that inspired and taught youths about robotics principles, programming (e.g. Python), machine learning and its application.

Designed for youths aged 14 to 22, the programme started with a series of bite-sized lessons over a few days to educate participants and offered hands-on practice on robots to apply skills taught. Participants were then grouped into teams to showcase their skills in an “Amazing Race” style activity over 2 days, featuring teamwork-centric missions to control multiple robots and solve problems concurrently.

The finale of OneArena was a team competition where students tackled real-world scenario-based problems with their newfound knowledge. Parts of the challenge were streamed live on Facebook for public viewing and to expose the public to remote robotic control – an area that is growing in importance in the context of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

Find out more on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

OSF Funded Project: A woman equips an elderly couple with digital skills under the BT Digital 2021, enhancing digital wellness

BT Digital 2021

BT Digital 2021 fostered digital literacy and wellness amongst the elderly community. Seniors were introduced to and taught to use a range of digital apps through workshops or event activity booths. These included common apps enabling seniors to manage medical appointments online independently and efficiently, delving into e-libraries, staying safe from online scams and more.

As digital learning activities and workshops may be stressful for seniors, Reminiscence Art Therapy was included to support seniors’ mental well-being. This blend of tech and artistry encouraged seniors to continue their learning journey, so that they may remain both digitally informed and emotionally connected to the broader community.

The initiative was conducted with the help of enthusiastic youth volunteers from Dunearn NC group.

OSF Funded Project: Kind Citizen

Kind Citizen

Kind Citizen is a social impact marketplace which gave anyone the opportunity to contribute meals and essential services to the underprivileged and complemented existing community engagement campaigns.

Through “Gmeals”, an innovative app, retailers could generously list meals and essential services, giving individuals and businesses the chance to pay-it-forward to those in need. Once authorisation had been given by the respective organisations, beneficiaries could conveniently redeem the items using the app. Moreover, this was not only a digital channel for F&B merchants to make food contributions, but it also served as a solution to food wastage too.

In this inclusive online marketplace, every purchase became an act of kindness, acknowledging the unseen struggles of many. Beyond transactions, it was about community engagement and creating a society where no one gets left behind.

Find out more on

OSF Funded Project: Design of The Curious Podcast, celebrating Women in Tech and Science

Podcast for Women in Tech and Science

Elevate your understanding of Women in Tech and Science with the insightful "Podcast for WITS." This initiative broadcasted the extraordinary journeys of Singapore's Women in Technology and Science, illuminating their invaluable contributions to the industry and society.

Through the Curious Podcast, the project team partnered with esteemed organisations like SGinnovate, A*Star and the Singapore Science Centre, and magnified the voices of these trailblazers, emphasising not just their achievements but the expansive opportunities that await young girls in STEM.

Beyond celebrating accomplishments, this recognised and promoted the potential that women bring to the tech and science spheres. Each episode was a testament to the perseverance, innovation, and immense possibilities STEM offers for the women of today, and the generations after.

OSF Funded Project: Promotional banner of the SSTL Space Coding Course's virtual space coding programme

SSTL Space Coding Course

Launch into the universe of space coding with Singapore Space and Technology Ltd's immersive Space Coding Boot Camp.

Over an intensive 3-day journey, students from diverse backgrounds unlocked the fundamentals of JavaScript and Java, programming autonomous free-flying robots aboard a space station. This wasn't just about code; it was a gateway to understanding space robotics, the importance of precise, error-free coding in life-threatening missions, and the vast potential of coding in enhancing space explorations.

Selected participants earned the honour of representing Singapore in the KIBO Robot Programming Challenge, an Asia-Pacific Robot Programming competition which challenged students to design codes to programme autonomous free-flying robots on the International Space Station.

Ready for a stellar coding voyage? View more on their website and stay connected via Facebook.

OSF Funded Project: The Scram Off, Scams! campaign, showcasing a 10-week community-building campaign on Instagram and Telegram

Scram Off Scams

"Scram Off, Scams!" was created to fortify the digital defences of youths aged 18 to 25 against social media impersonation scams.

Over a dynamic 10-week online campaign and a virtual exhibition, followers were treated to immersive short dramas showcasing the realities of scam victims, interactive contests on Instagram and Telegram, and a unique online scavenger hunt that unveiled the intricacies of a scammer's journey. With these, youths were armed with the discernment to spot, prevent, and actively report scams quickly and easily. It was not just about awareness; it was a movement to foster community solidarity against digital deception.

Discover more of their helpful resources on Facebook today!

OSF Funded Project: Children being guided by industry professionals as they participate in Vivita Singapore's Lighthouse Program

Lighthouse Program

Empowerment, innovation, and the future converged in Vivita's Lighthouse Programme.

Designed for the children and youth of today, this initiative offered opportunities and an environment where inspiration sparks from trailblazing change-makers and industry mavens. There were two phases to this enlightening programme:

Phase 1: “Inspire” sessions led by industry pioneers were designed with the intention to spark creativity through the latest concepts in technology and engineering. These sessions segued into Ideation workshops, where collaboration and prototyping brought ideas to life.

Phase 2: Over the next three months, dedicated participants dived deeper. Paired with professionals, they refined their concepts, engaged in co-creation at VIVISTOP Orchard, embarked on enlightening company visits, and ultimately, showcased their innovative prototypes to the community.

Vivita empowered the next generation of creators with digital literacy and inspired endless imagination. Keen to learn more? Find out more on their website!

OSF Funded Project:  Mobile Digital Clinic for Pioneers where home-bound seniors gain digital skills through lessons and activities

Mobile Digital Clinic for Pioneers

Embracing the digital future, Heartware Network's "Mobile Digital Clinic for Pioneers" was a programme that educated, encouraged, and more importantly, excited 230 home-bound seniors about the transformative world of digital tools and services particularly in Security, Communication, Transactions, and Digital Services.

With the commitment and enthusiasm of more than 100 trained youth volunteers, this programme brought generations closer. Through interactive Digital Learning Circles at Senior Activity Centres or the warmth of one-on-one home visits, seniors actively acquired both skill and confidence in going digital.

Want to contribute to this digital revolution? Join hands with them and be a part of their mission via their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

OSF Funded Project: An exhibition hall of the Flag, You're It: Don't Prey Where We Play campaign

Flag, You’re It: Don’t Prey Where We Play

Flag, You're It: Don't Prey Where We Play, an initiative by NTU students, was set to champion a vital cause—empowering youths to be a driving force against online child grooming.

Sparking a community-driven movement, they inspired youths to pledge against predatory conversations on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. By collaborating with influencers, students, and community allies, they amplified their campaign's reach for awareness and created a supportive environment for victims.

Their experiential exhibition, “45 Minutes in the Preyground”, helped visitors explore the haunting stages of online grooming, underscoring the need for vigilance. Moreover, their youth-led panel, held in collaboration with industry experts, explored how current protective measures could be improved and nurtured dialogue and understanding. Together, they strived to fortify our digital spaces, ensuring safety and unity.

Find out more on their Facebook and Instagram.

OSF Funded Project: Poster of the U Live Symposium 2019, featuring popular tech workshops for active agers

U Live Symposium 2019 - Popular Tech Workshops for Active Agers

The U Live Symposium 2019 was an exciting event tailored for NTUC members aged 55 and above who are committed to continuous learning and staying active. Held on 1 December 2019 at Downtown East, this symposium showcased how technology can make everyday life more enriching and productive. Attendees had the opportunity to delve deep into technology through hands-on experiences, tech workshops, talks, and interactive showcases.

Leading the charge were the U Live Cyber Guides volunteers. Being proficient in government and popular mobile apps, they shared their knowledge and ensured each participant felt equipped and confident.

With over 600 seniors inspired and 40 volunteers involved, the U Live Symposium was not just about tech literacy; it was a celebration of lifelong learning in the digital age.

OSF Funded Project: Tech@Shopee: Coding for Youths

Tech@Shopee: Coding for Youths

In today's digital world, Shopee believed that every youth, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to learn to code without any financial barriers.

As such, Shopee decided to run 3-hour workshops hosted by dedicated Shopee employee-volunteers, aimed at inspiring and empowering underprivileged youths.

These engaging sessions not only introduced participants to the basics of coding and Python but also immersed them in hands-on activities, from crafting chatbots to formulating real-world solutions.

Beyond just teaching code, Shopee sought to promote digital inclusion, well-being, and a lifelong love for learning. They directly inspired 180 students and broadened their impact to 1,000 more through social media.

OSF Funded Project: A group of kids and adults playing an educational game on a table, part of the Tiny Thinkers I & II project

Tiny Thinkers I & II

Tiny Thinkers is a programme created by a team of enthusiastic NTU students with the aim of introducing computational thinking to preschoolers and their parents. The programme offered a website filled with games, hands-on workshops and a Starter Kit, all designed to help young children embark on a journey of computational discovery.

Tiny Thinkers expanded with Unfair Advantage, improving the original Junior Computational Thinking Kit with new activities, and reached out to preschoolers from low-income families.

Dive into their resources online at

OSF Funded Project: SG Primary MCQ app download page

AppiLearn Mobile App and Website

AppiLearn Mobile App is an innovative platform, envisioned by two passionate individuals, Angeline Teo and Lim Tian Yi. It offered free and unlimited access to educational resources for learners from any background as well as volunteers who were passionate in sharing their knowledge and contributing to society.

With AppiLearn, teachers and educators could effortlessly design, create, and share digital educational resources with students who needed them most. This way, students had the flexibility to embrace learning at their own pace, anytime, and anywhere. It was more than just a digital classroom; it was a movement to democratise education, level the playing field, and foster a community of lifelong learners.

OSF Funded Project: A groupshot taken during Hatch Demo Day

Hatch Immersive and Workshops

Hatch Youth Services is a dynamic organisation committed to empowering youths, through two transformative programmes:

Hatch Immersive: This programme is specifically designed for youths from challenging backgrounds and offers a month-long intensive training in UI/UX Design or Digital Marketing. The comprehensive curriculum not only focuses on developing technical proficiency but also essential workplace skills and vital industry exposure. Successful participants are offered a three-month internship with partner firms, which could potentially lead to full-time roles or further education. Each youth is then paired with an industry mentor to guide his/her long-term aspirations.

Hatch Workshops: These workshops are tailored for secondary school students facing academic challenges or had prolonged absences. Over five engaging sessions, students dived into digital and design tasks, collaborated on real-world issues presented by partner firms, and sharpened their presentation skills. The programme sheds light on skills-based roles, building both competencies and confidence.

To learn more about Hatch Youth Services and their programmes, visit their website or engage with them on Facebook.

OSF Funded Project: A child using a desktop during the workshop of Engineering Good

Engineering Good

Engineering Good started the "We Hack Care!" initiative, where workshop participants learned how to craft DIY low-cost assistive devices, which were then donated to Voluntary Welfare Organisations and Special Education schools (SPEDs), supporting them in their daily activities. This endeavour not only honed participants’ engineering skills but also deepened their understanding of assistive technologies and the challenges faced by persons with disabilities. The "Tech For Good" challenge brought communities together and enlightened them about the potential of assistive technology. Engineering Good collaborated closely with partners such as the Society for the Physically Disabled and Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore.

Participating teams showcased their ground-breaking inventions at the Tech For Good Festival on 2 November 2019. Exceptional projects were even given the opportunity to be further developed by Engineering Good.

Learn more about Engineering Good at

OSF Funded Project: Participants learning digital skills at Unthink workshop

Unthink: Creating Inclusive Opportunities in STEM

This project by Undifferent was designed for persons with disabilities (PWDs) to undergo a 3-day learning journey workshop. Here, they learnt digital skills and applications relevant to digital industry careers such as coding, robotics and IT development from industry experts from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. In addition, digital literacy content such as safeguarding their digital identities were shared.

A series of short videos were produced based on interviews with PWDs working in STEM fields and posted on social media to generate public awareness for PWDs’ capability with digital skills and relevance to STEM industries. These videos encouraged building an inclusive society.

Watch one of the videos here: