Shape Your Child’s Digital Experience: 5 Apps and Websites On Coding and More


Shape Your Child’s Digital Experience: 5 Apps and Websites On Coding and More

Learn about these 5 apps and websites that can offer a fun and engaging way for your child to learn and grow.

23 Jan 2024
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A child having fun with robotics.
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Turn your child’s screen time into learning opportunities with these 5 apps and websites on coding basics, storytelling, AI and more. Regardless of your child’s age, check out these apps and websites that can offer a fun and engaging way to learn and grow.

Your child will grow up in a technology-driven world . Now is the time to give them the chance to become familiar with concepts like coding and AI. That’s why we’ve curated a list of apps and websites that not only encourage your child to be an active online user, but to learn about these topics. Let’s go!

Light Code Hour

1. Lightbot: Code Hour

Suitable for: 0-6 Years
Operating System: iOS

What is it?

Using fun puzzles, this app teaches coding basics. Your child controls a robot, using commands to navigate and solve challenges. Great for introducing the concepts of programming to children.

What do other users say?

"Spent an amazing hour together with my son solving all the puzzles! Recommended for anyone who wants to teach their kids programming logic.”
– Zxpower, App Store


2. ScratchJr

Suitable for: 0-6 Years
Operating System: iOS/Android

What is it?

ScratchJr introduces coding through fun, visual blocks. Your child can learn to create animated stories and games by dragging and dropping commands, allowing them to explore coding and unleash their creativity.

What do other users say:

"ScratchJr is good because you can do coding and make scenes. It is a less complicated version of Scratch if you think it is under your level."
– nachshon1, Common Sense Media

Code org


Suitable for: 7-12 Years

What is it? is a website that offers free access to coding education, providing interactive lessons, activities, and resources for learners of all ages, making programming education accessible and engaging for your child.

What do other users say?

"I recommend using; they are a non-profit and teach you the basics of coding, no need to pay for any benefits, non-donators already have full access."
– Guest764098, Common Sense Media

Swift Playgrounds - Apple Developer

4. Swift Playgrounds - Apple Developer

Suitable for: 10 and above
Operating System: iOS

What is it?

Swift Playgrounds teaches your child the Swift programming language in an interactive environment. Your child will solve puzzles, create animations, and develop simple apps, making it a fun and educational tool if they are interested in coding and app development.

What do other users say?

”This play-to-learn app is an engaging, eye-pleasing, and easy way for tweens, teens, and adults to learn the programming language Swift."
– Common Sense Media

Experiments with Google

5. Experiments with Google

Suitable for: 13 Years onwards

What is it?

If your child is older, this website by Google might be a good choice. It showcases creative and innovative web-based projects, featuring experimental websites and applications on art, music, AI, virtual reality, and more, providing an inspiring and interactive space for your child to explore these areas.

What do other users say?

"Google AI Experiments is a fun and creative way to learn basic AI skills. It is not intimidating to use and we would recommend it for as young as age five to 110 years old!"
– Justin Aglio, Getting Smart

An Educational Tech Experience

These apps and websites are just the beginning and there are many more learning opportunities you can find online that can help prepare your child for the digital age. Give them a try and see how they can turn your child’s screen time into valuable learning opportunities. Always remember to read reviews and try them out before introducing them to your child.