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Digital for Life Funded Projects

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Brighton Connection Digital Rescues

Digital Rescue

Brighton Connection aims to encourage isolated or less-mobile seniors to adopt the use of smartphone technology and be equipped with essential digital skills.

Brighton Connection kickstarted the project by recruiting senior volunteers through a dedicated recruitment drive. These volunteers undergo training on smartphone apps before being assigned to befriend isolated seniors living in the rental blocks in MacPherson. The volunteers also conduct home visits, imparting their knowledge on mobile apps such as ScamShield, WhatsApp and HealthHub.

Fei Yue - Community VIP

Community V.I.P

Community V.I.P (Videographer, Instagrammer, Photographer), is an initiative by Fei Yue Community Services targeting lonely, isolated seniors and older persons with disabilities (aged 50 and above). In a period of over 2 years, the project aims to create a virtual community, enhance digital skills, and foster social connectedness through Instagram.

Participants attend four workshops each, aimed at enhancing their digital wellness, tech proficiency, and creative photography and videography abilities (including aerial drone techniques), ultimately expanding and strengthening in-person networks and interactions.

Guide Dogs - Enabling the Visual Impaired through Technology

Enabling the Vision Impaired through Technology

Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) launched a project to promote enhanced technology literacy and adoption within the vision impaired community.

The project includes individualised one-on-one training, group workshops (introductory and intermediate), and media podcasts to raise awareness and foster an interest in technology.

MWA - INdependence


The INdependence project, led by Metta Welfare Association (MWA), is enhancing the digital literacy skills of METTA School alumni youths diagnosed with mild intellectual disabilities and/or autism through targeted training and workshops.

These youths are taught to effectively navigate the digital landscape, empowering them to utilise technology in the areas of communication, financial transactions, and navigation. This initiative aims to narrow the digital gap and enable individuals with special needs to flourish in an ever-evolving digital landscape.



ReadAble aims to empower underprivileged parents from public rental flats with the knowledge on how to guide their children to use the internet safely and effectively.

The project’s workshops introduce parents to concepts such as cyber-parenting, effective technology for children, and strategies to safeguard them from online harms. These workshops also provide a supportive platform for parents to gain insights, share their personal experiences, and address challenges in managing their children's online activities.

Bringing the Visually Impacted into the Digital World

Bringing the Visually Impacted into the Digital World

The Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped runs the SAVH Assistive Device Clinic (ADC), providing training to visually impaired clients on the use of digital devices like mobile phones and laptops with specialised software like JAWS, as well as Braille equipment.

Training sessions are held at ADC, where trainers follow up with the trainees to ensure continual usage, provide remedial training, and help them adapt to the new digital environment. ADC also assists the trainees in purchasing the devices or sourcing device purchase subsidies if needed. Topics covered during the training sessions include an introduction to Internet and Web Applications, Basic User Training for Assistive Technology, mobile phone features, and Braille Technology.

DFL Funded Projects: AMKFSC

Digital and Social Inclusion Served by ComNet Senior Service 

Dedicated to supporting the vulnerable and low-income senior community, AMKFSC Community Services started the Digital and Social Inclusion Project. Delivered by ComNet Senior Service, this initiative strived to enable seniors to live a fulfilling and active life independently, providing a strong network of community resources and support. AMKFSC was committed to bridging the digital divide, empowering seniors through enhancing their digital literacy and wellness.

They aimed to tackle the challenges of adopting technology, addressing technophobia, and boosting digital self-efficacy. They did so by focusing on the most influential factors to ensure a meaningful integration. This included digital device procurement exercises which enabled seniors to acquire digital devices, as well as hands-on coaching and group lessons on cybersecurity and basic smartphone functions conducted at ComNet Active Ageing Centres (AACs).

Embrace the future with AMKFSC’s ComNet Senior Service – where community support meets digital empowerment, ensuring no senior is left behind in the digital era.

DFL Funded Projects: AiSP

AiSP Cyber Wellness Programme 

Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP) shared its expertise in cybersecurity with the public through AiSP’s Cyber Wellness Programme. The programme aimed to promote online safety by covering topics such as cyber use, cyber identity, cyber ethics, and cyber security.

AiSP’s Cyber Wellness Programme included quarterly webinars and physical events/roadshows to engage the public. An interactive portal provided internet users with cyber-safety tips and updates on the latest news. Additionally, a two-segment interactive game was developed to educate users about anti-scam measures, such as being cautious of caller IDs with a ‘+” sign and responding appropriately to scam messages.

For more information, visit AiSP at and test your anti-scam awareness by being the top scorer in their game app!

DFL Funded Projects: Void Deck Technology Labs

Void Deck Technology Labs (VDTL) ("Bringing Your Technology Empowerment") is a non-profit entity committed through their Void Deck Technology Labs (VDTL) programme to helping disadvantaged primary school children expand their awareness of technology, and empower skill development via technology. To improve access to their programme, conducted course runs at nearby void decks on science and technology topics such as “Build a Bot”, “Machine Learning” and more.

With support from community partners, VDTL programme has positively impacted various children, with some paying it forward in their community and volunteering with

Hear their stories at Technology Empowerment for Better Life.

DFL Funded Projects: GlassHouse

The Glasshouse by Chamber Music and Arts Singapore 

The Glasshouse offered a virtual space where participants could immerse themselves in music and artistic content, fostering personal inner development and reflection. Through this platform, the project aimed to promote wellness, cultivate wise discernment within the digital space, and enhance the digital competency of beneficiaries. The initiative also involved the creation and sharing of creative content on The Glasshouse, along with engaging sessions designed to empower children and youths.

By leveraging digital technology, The Glasshouse ensured that quality music and arts are accessible to a diverse range of communities, fostering personal inner growth and promoting a holistic sense of well-being among its participants. Visit to learn more!

DFL Funded Projects: Cyber Outreach Engagement Education Programme COEE

Cyber Outreach, Engagement & Education Programme (COEE)

Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS) bolstered secondary school students’ digital literacy on curated topics such as Cyber Safety, Media Literacy, and Cybersecurity via their Cyber Outreach, Engagement & Education Programme (COEE). As an organization focusing on youth-led activities, COEE’s youth volunteers run school-wide assembly talks, interactive recess booths, and in-depth classroom sessions on digital literacy.

CYS fostered volunteerism within the student community by training secondary school student volunteers to be Cyber Youth Ambassadors (CYA). CYA played a leadership role in disseminating knowledge to their peers, ensuring a grassroots movement that builds audience’s resilience to common negativities of an increasingly digital landscape.

DFL Funded Projects: SilverSurfers

SilverSurfers Programme 

Launched in 2021, Empower Ageing's SilverSurfers Programme taught seniors about digital tools available and enhanced their digital literacy. Through interaction via their developed telegram channel in English and Chinese, as well as physical workshops, they built an online community of seniors equipped with foundational and transport-related digital skills that instilled a sense of digital safety and awareness to safely navigate the internet.

DFL Funded Projects: Digital Device Resilience

Digital Device Resilience 

Engineering Good (EG) supported digital inclusion of low-income families for laptop access through a project called Digital Device Resilience programme. The programme has 2 components: (1) IT troubleshooting and (2) refurbishment.

EG-trained community volunteers are enabled through training and resources to provide on-the-spot IT troubleshooting to the community. By training IT troubleshooters and providing them with opportunities to practice the skills in support of the community, these volunteers are empowered in the long-term to be capable of independently supporting their community beyond the programme.

In response to the COVID pandemic, EG recognized the widening digital divide experienced by low-income community. Hence, EG worked closely to support community partners who identified those in need. In cases where they did not have a laptop or their laptop had been assessed to be beyond economical repair, EG supported with donated laptops refurbished by EG’s volunteers and staff.

DFL Funded Projects: Digital ASPirations ForAll

Digital ASPirations For All 

Digital ASPirations For All is a project by Hatch that aimed to guide youths from dropout, at risk, and low-income backgrounds to understand the digital transformations on jobs. Additionally, the project enabled youths to pick up relevant and transferrable digital skills. Interested youths were exposed to opportunities to get short-term mentorships and internships in a digital role with Hatch’s collaborators.

The project was complemented by a social media campaign that showcased the relevance of a digital future for youths and addressed the stigma associated with disadvantaged groups, ultimately encouraging all Singaporean youths to embrace the digital future of work.

DFL Funded Projects: Say No To Scams

Say No To Scams 

Lions Befrienders Service Association (Singapore) ran “Say No To Scams,” a programme dedicated to empower seniors with essential knowledge and tools for navigating the digital world. This initiative strived to enrich the lives of the elderly, fostering community participation and enabling them to live meaningfully.

Central to the programme was a user-friendly scam simulation web-app designed for seniors and their caregivers, which simulated real life scam situations to educate users on how to avoid falling into such traps in real life. It was complemented by a series of interactive workshops and talks, with short, animated videos on cyber safety, information on scams, fake news, and cybersecurity.

Lions Befrienders staff and volunteers met seniors at Senior Activity Centres and conducted home visits to teach them about online safety, practicing good digital habits, mobile security improvement tips, and more. During these sessions, dedicated personnel also guided seniors on how to use the scam simulation web-app.

DFL Funded Projects: I-MOK 1 - ok to use

i-MOK Wellness Project 

Lions Befrienders Service Association (Singapore) supported active ageing with the i-MOK Wellness Project, dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors residing in rental flats. This initiative specifically targeted seniors facing social isolation, risk of falling, risk of dementia or depression, frailty, or severe chronic illness. Through the project, seniors received custom-made digital devices, equipped with customized apps tailored to their technological abilities.

The i-MOK device featured a variety of applications designed to monitor and improve seniors' mental, physical, social, cognitive, and physiological well-being, ultimately contributing to a reduction in undetected elderly deaths.

A key feature of this device was the i-Alive button, which encourages seniors to take charge of their well-being by engaging in self-monitoring and reporting. Seniors were prompted to press the button twice daily, signaling their well-being to Lions Befrienders. Failure to do so at the specified times triggers an alert to the staff, ensuring prompt attention and assistance. Additionally, Lions Befrienders’ staff and volunteers guided seniors on how to use the device’s various functions at their own pace. To ensure that the lesson was effective, seniors were also encouraged to demonstrate their understanding of the new features and played games on what they have learnt.

DFL Funded Projects: Digital Transformation for Seniors (DTS)

Digital Transformation for Seniors (DTS) 

The Digital Transformation for Seniors (DTS) project made significant strides in supporting seniors in the Malay-Muslim community to confidently navigate and adopt digital technology.

RLAF recognised a critical need for such an initiative, and highlighted that many seniors exhibited a low level of engagement with digital services. This was due to a lack of knowledge in digital wellness and cybersecurity, and a lack of confidence in using digital services. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this, leaving many Malay-Muslim seniors struggling to adapt to new digital norms.

The programme was rolled out through a series of Train-the-Trainer sessions, where volunteers were equipped with the skills and knowledge to assist seniors in their digital journey.

Learn more at

DFL Funded Projects: SSALC

Majestic Smart Seniors Applied Learning Centre (SSALC) 

The Majestic Smart Seniors Applied Learning Centre (SSALC) project aimed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for seniors to embrace digital technology. Collaboratively brought to life by RSVP Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers , CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF), and Singapore Pools (SP), the SSALC enhanced existing Senior Activity Centres (SACs) and fostered digital literacy among seniors, simultaneously reducing social isolation.

The center encouraged regular practice of digital skills, promoting a sense of autonomy and connection among seniors. By integrating Applied Learning methodologies, SSALC ensured that seniors acquire digital knowledge and learnt how to apply these skills in real-life scenarios, ensuring they stay connected with the community. The programmes and curriculum offered by the SSALC project were designed thematically (e.g., e-payments, Smart Living) and will be refreshed every few months. Interactive classes with hands-on experiences were also available for seniors, providing an engaging learning environment.

DFL Funded Projects: Building an Ecosystem for e-Accessibility Adoption

Building an Ecosystem for e-Accessibility Adoption

SG Enable targeted to make digital services more accessible for persons with disabilities (PwDs) through a project focused on developing guidelines and training.

They spearheaded development of an e-accessibility resource guide that served as a stepping stone for e-service providers to self-help and make their digital content and services be e-accessible to PwDs. Complementing the resource guide, SG Enable trained web/app developers on using the guide.

Additionally, PwDs and social service agencies were engaged in train-the-trainer sessions to raise their capability as proficient e-accessibility assessors to train and conduct e-accessibility audits for companies’ digital channels and products.

Through building an ecosystem for e-accessibility adoption, SG Enable continued its aim of creating a digitally inclusive society that embraces all individuals.

Learn more about their journey towards e-accessibility at SG Enable: Making Digital Services Accessible to All.

DFL Funded Projects: Digital Youth Ambassador Programme

Digital Youth Ambassador Programme

Led by the Singapore Computer Society’s Youth chapter (SCS Youth), the Digital Youth Ambassador Programme shared about digital skills relevant for those preparing to enter the new digital workforce such as “people in recovery” who left the workforce for social or medical reasons and youths. Topics curated by SCS Youth with their community partners include video conferencing, instant messaging apps, cloud storage, collaboration tools, maintenance of phone storage and more.

DFL Funded Projects: PVI_SIT

Co-designing and evaluating a Smartphone Training and Learning Support Resource Toolkit for People with vision impairment (PVI)

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), in collaboration with the Guide Dogs Singapore and University of Queensland Australia, pioneered a toolkit development project to empower Persons with Visual Impairment (PVI) on the how’s of navigating smartphones and mobile applications.

This initiative involved the creation of a Smartphone Training and Learning Support Resource Toolkit, with content identified through an experience-based approach and tailored to meet the real world needs of PVI users and refined to encourage widespread adoption by relevant agencies.

By merging academic research with practical application, SIT strove to enhance PVI’s digital inclusivity and equip PVIs with the necessary knowledge to reap the benefits and conveniences of the digital world. Discover more about SIT's innovative efforts at

DFL Funded Projects: WINGS

WINGS Digital Ties That Bind

Since 2007, Society for WINGS, has been a nurturing force for women over 40, ensuring their golden years are enriched with well-being, financial independence, and robust community ties.

Their project, Digital Ties That Bind, was a testament to this commitment, focusing on bridging the digital divide for senior women. Through this initiative, WINGS combined hands-on digital workshops with the creation of a supportive environment where women can learn, share, and connect.

Senior women were recruited and trained to become Digital Ambassadors, leading their peers at the Digital Discovery Corner located at WINGS, demystifying technology in a friendly space. These ambassadors also helped fellow women narrate and digitalise their life stories by producing legacy videos, enhancing their confidence in the digital realm.

The result? A ripple effect of empowered women equipped to navigate, connect, and flourish in the digital world, ensuring their stories and experiences continue to inspire and bind the community.

For more insights into WINGS and its empowering initiatives, visit

DFL Funded Projects: I Wish U Enough D Equal Digital Access

I Wish U Enough =D (Equal Digital Access)

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, South Central Community Family Service Centre (SCCFSC) started the "I Wish U Enough =D (Equal Digital Access)" initiative that bridged the digital gap for vulnerable and low-income families.

This project supported access to digital devices for those in need, but who did not qualify for financial support. They also enhanced digital skills and literacy amongst the community.

DFL Funded Project: Digital Upskilling for Persons with Disabilities

Digital Upskilling for Persons with Disabilities

The "Digital Upskilling for Persons with Disabilities" initiative was a strategic response to the exacerbated digital divide during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly among Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). Addressing the dual challenges of digital engagement and online safety, this programme crafted a four-tiered, six-module digital skills curriculum specifically designed to cater to PwDs at varying levels of job readiness.

This programme has been a cornerstone in fostering an inclusive digital society where PwDs can confidently navigate the digital realm and gain employability. By equipping PwDs with digital skills, the project has bridged the digital gap and created opportunities for greater participation and success for PwDs in the digital landscape.

DFL Funded Projects: Senior Digital Support Group

Senior Digital Support Group

The Salvation Army launched the Senior Digital Support Group for seniors who are underprivileged or had some form of illness/disability. Through a series of small group workshops, seniors gained the skills to use their mobile device and participate in an online community. Concurrently, Salvation Army followed up with seniors to address their digital concerns and encouraged them to remain digitally connected with friends and family. Seniors in need who did not qualify for financial support were provided with a mobile device under the project.

DFL Funded Projects: Power of Zero Singapore First Device Campaign

Power of Zero Singapore – First Device Campaign

In an era where technology is ubiquitous, TOUCH Community Services leveraged on the global Power of Zero campaign, aimed at safeguarding young Singaporeans aged 4 to 8 from the hazards of early screen exposure.

Recognising the risks associated with increased screen time — from health concerns to exposure to inappropriate content — TOUCH is dedicated to arming children with the essential skills to navigate the digital world confidently and safely.

The campaign transcended basic digital literacy, embracing a holistic approach that included guiding parents on nurturing their children’s online journey. Through the Power of Zero, TOUCH integrated social and emotional learning with digital education, preparing the young for the complexities of the online realm. It's a stride towards crafting a secure digital playground, where children can explore, learn, and grow without compromising their well-being. TOUCH conducted parenting workshops, providing Digital Parenting Toolkits containing short animation videos on the Power of Zero competencies, activities, and conversation starters for parents to reinforce the lessons learnt from the Power of Zero video series.

DFL Funded Projects: Healthstart previously named Project Wire Up

Healthstart (previously named “Project Wire Up”)

TriGen's "Healthstart" was an initiative uniting the energy of youth with the wisdom of age to bridge the digital divide. Dedicated to the holistic care of the elderly and the empowerment of younger generations, Healthstart fostered an ecosystem of mutual support and mentoring across age groups.

The project specifically targeted seniors from low socioeconomic backgrounds, enhancing their digital literacy and connectivity. It involved health and youth volunteers making home visits to both active and frail seniors, offering health check-ups while simultaneously encouraging and guiding them in digital adoption. Furthermore, TriGen sparked innovation among the youth through the project’s Youth Innovation Challenge that generates ideas and prototypes to further engage seniors on their digital journey.

Learn more about Healthstart at

DFL Funded Projects: DigiSmart


Yayasan MENDAKI's Project DigiSmart created a multi-tiered digital readiness pathway that’s accessible through an enhanced online platform aimed to empower participants to be digitally ready. This initiative featured a dynamic marketplace of learning activities, including live and virtual workshops, webinars, and practical application modules, specifically tailored to empower underserved segments of the Malay-Muslim community.

Aimed at upskilling rank-and-file workers aged 35 and above, senior citizens, and those from low-income backgrounds, Project DigiSmart became a central hub for digital wisdom, offering resources from practical how-tos to insightful tips. It's a venture to ensure that the digital evolution is inclusive, leaving no one behind.

DFL Funded Projects: IT Literacy Daughters of Tomorrow

IT Literacy

Daughters Of Tomorrow (DoT) championed the advancement of underprivileged women, aged 13 to 59, towards financial independence. Their IT Literacy program was offered to participants free of charge, and was designed to arm women from underprivileged backgrounds with fundamental computer skills, thus enhancing their employability in office-related roles.

DOT's comprehensive support extended beyond the classroom, offering flexible learning schedules, childcare services, transport to training venues, and job placement assistance. Additionally, the programme also paired participants with virtual mentors for a personalised educational experience, allowing participants to delve deeper into their desired topics and further preparing them for the workforce.

DOT's initiative is not just about imparting skills — it's about fostering confidence and independence, ensuring these women are workforce-ready. To discover more about DOT’s project, visit their website at

DFL Funded Projects: Raising FutureReady Kids in the Digital World RFRK in the Digital World

Raising Future-Ready Kids in the Digital World (“RFRK in the Digital World”)

Focus on the Family Singapore Limited is a local Christian charity that is dedicated to fostering resilience in familial relationships. Their initiative, Raising Future-Ready Kids in the Digital World (“RFRK in the Digital World”), aimed to cultivate media literacy and digital intelligence among children and raise screen-smart families who use technology for meaningful connections. The programme, enriched with insightful talks, engaging webinars, practical workshops, accessible online resources, and supportive parent coaching and counseling sessions, helped increase knowledge and awareness of media literacy and digital intelligence. These families were encouraged to harness technology for meaningful connections, reinforcing strong bonds at home.

Discover the pathways to becoming a digitally savvy family and embark on a journey towards meaningful technological engagement together!

For more information on Raising Future-Ready Kids in the Digital World, visit their website at

Mobile Digital Clinic for Seniors 2

Mobile Digital Clinic for Seniors

Heartware Network, a youth organisation, introduced the Mobile Digital Clinic for Seniors programme where youth volunteers educated, encouraged, and excited home-bound or isolated seniors on digital skills.

Through this intergenerational initiative, youth volunteers regularly visited home-bound seniors to teach topics such as online security, digital communication apps, and other common mobile digital services.

DFL Funded Projects: Digital Transformation for All DTA

Digital Transformation for All (DTA)

Rahmatan Lil Alamin Foundation Ltd (RLAF) is dedicated to fostering a caring community and engaging in compassionate service both locally and globally. Committed to promoting digital inclusivity, the Digital Transformation for All (DTA) initiative by RLAF focused on empowering vulnerable students and seniors from disadvantaged backgrounds by equipping them with essential knowledge on digital skills, security and wellness.

The Digital Transformation for All project involved recruiting and training volunteers to facilitate digital wellness talks, courses, and workshops. These session were designed to help participants navigate the complexities of the online world, from identifying fake news to addressing cyberbullying and preventing digital burnout. Additionally, the Digital Transformation for All programme sparked excitement about the potential of technology through practical digital skills workshops in foundational coding, digital marketing, and design. By integrating knowledge with hands-on activities, RLAF equipped beneficiaries with the tools to thrive in the digital era.

DFL Funded Projects: Digital for seniors by seniors

Digital for seniors, by seniors

Through the program Digital for Seniors, By Seniors, Sathya Sai Social Service aimed to engage and advance digital literacy amongst vulnerable seniors.

This initiative harnessed the wisdom and experience of senior citizens, training them in digital skills, mentoring and communication, ultimately transforming them into community Digital Ambassadors. These ambassadors were all equipped to lead digital skills classes, sharing their knowledge with fellow seniors at 4S centers. The programme extended to home-based education, and accommodated those who are frail or have caregiving commitments, ensuring no senior is left behind in the digital age. Through this initiative, Sathya Sai Social Service not only promoted digital inclusion but also empowered seniors to foster a culture of peer-to-peer learning and support within their communities.

DFL Funded Projects: SilverSurfers

SilverSurfers Initiative

Empower Ageing Limited's SilverSurfers Initiative was an expansion of their pilot programme which started in 2021 to encourage more seniors to be digitally active and updated on tips for remaining safe online.

Building on their existing platform, Empower Ageing (EA) encouraged seniors to learn digital skills through MOE schools’ Value In Action (VIA) programme. The intergenerational learning elements fostered a two-way street of learning between students and their grandparents, enhanced digital literacy, and strengthened family bonds.

Seniors engaged through the VIA programme or other channels were encouraged to improve their digital skills and literacy through alternating onsite-online group activities conducted by EA at Senior Activity Centres. Through these avenues, EA committed to supporting seniors in using digital means to improve their quality of life.

To learn more about their project, visit their website at

DFL Funded Projects: Digital Empowerment Through Immersive Technology DEtiT

Digital Empowerment Through Immersive Technology (DEtiT)

Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd (CAforGood) launched Digital Empowerment through the Immersive Technology (DEtiT) programme, which familiarised seniors to commonly used digital technologies such as e-payment apps and an emerging digital technology: Augmented Reality (AR).

DEtiT comprised 2 components: a workshop that introduced digital technologies to seniors, followed by hands-on opportunities to try the introduced technologies through an immersive AR trail at one of Singapore’s cultural hotspots.

To learn more about their project, visit their website at