Raising Children in the Digital Age


Raising Children in the Digital Age

13 May 2024
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Welcome, Parents and caregivers, to 'Raising Children in the Digital Age.' This initiative aims to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the online realm alongside your children, aged 0-17. Our mission is to educate on fostering healthy technology habits while safeguarding against the potential risks posed by social media and gaming platforms.

Your involvement is the key to nurture a positive and safe digital experience for your child. Start your child’s digital journey right with these curated resources and programmes today!


As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and so together with like-minded partners, here are some helpful workshops and webinars for you to learn how you can support your child in their digital journey.


Find useful tips and advice based on the developmental age of your child and the digital milestones that they are approaching.

Developmental age 0 - 6 years old 7 - 12 years old 13 - 17 years old
Highlights First Screen
Mother with kids using laptop 2

Making The Most Of Your Child's Screen Time: What You Need To Know About Screen Use

First Online Game
teen boy gaming

Game On Or Game Over: What You Need To Know About Online Gaming

First Social Media
Young lady taking a selfie

Beyond Like, Share, Comment: What You Need To Know About Your Child's First Social Media Account

Positive Use of Screen
Family time on the couch

Shape Your Child’s Digital Experience: 8 Tips for Positive Tech Use

First Device
Girl on her phone

Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone: What You Need To Know Before Handing Over the Smartphone

First Social Media
Sister and brother using phone

Beyond Like, Share, Comment: What you need to know to decide if your child is ready for social media

Learn tips to protect your child from online risks and use technology in a healthy and balanced way.